Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Just a little more patience.

Hiya, if you guys are still waiting, then my apologies to you all. We've had quite a nice response to all of this, however... For every 20 people I tried to sign up, etc... I got 4-5. So since these individuals have taken the time to be around and have already gotten a little more than half the way into the training. I'm currently not going to get anyone else started. Why? Because it's just to chaotic as it is, to keep them all moving at a steady pace and attend to their questions, as well as attempt to do some fansubbing, so we can get some more stuff out.. Not only that, school is back in place and already dragging me down with it. That said, I am still looking for people to apply for our training, and i'm going to try and get as many people together for the second grouping of what we're calling "Toki-School."

So have a little patience, keep submitting your little applications if you're interested, and we'll get you started, just as soon as I get these guys into mainstream. As I mentioned before, i'm very happy with the response we're getting and hope that a lot more people get in on this, and help us get things out faster.

Thanks all,

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Patience my furry friends.

All right, I've received a decent amount of replies to our newest post, and though I'm quite happy about this, i'm also a bit bogged down in real life and internet, so i'm doing my best to get everything setup, and get back to everyone who has applied.

I can still use a few more replies, as chances are good... Once people have the knowledge, or we're done subbing OverDrive, they'll leave. So please do not apply, if you're only in it for OD, as we're looking for serious future staff members. Not a temp fix.

One other note, please do not apply if you are currently residing in Australia, as there is just to much of a time barrier between me and some of you... With school in place, and most of our staff in North America, it makes it quite difficult to teach/train those in Australia, let alone get back to some of you.

Once again, please have a bit of patience, I will get back to all of you that apply.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Want more subs?

Okay, with sparhawk in Ajax for a job interview, I find myself having a really hard time trying to hire on people. He's alot better at finding staff than me.. However the deal is... We need staff, like bad. The biggest problem with most people who watch our fansubs, is that they think it automatically requires Japanese Training or something... When that's so far off from the truth.
Now, We really really really, need staff. I will personally train people for positions, got alot of time? Got like little to no time? We'll train ya' and put ya' in a position that'll fit you personally. What's more, there are several people complaining about the speed, jump in this, help us get them out. Hell, you'll even get to watch your favorite subs ahead of the official releases, that enough should be a good reason for most to join.

If you're still doubtful, or are completely ready to be trained and jump into fansubbing, contact me.
Aim- TanteiKun02
Msn- Kazekun02@hotmail.com
Mirc: Kioku / Kazekun
Email: Tokifansubs@gmail.com

We need the help guys.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Chaos in Happy Fansubbing Town!

We lost a typesetter and an encoder... We misplaced them when we were cleaning up the Pantry T.T.. Did we put them behind the parsely and rosemary? Or maybe behind the cumin and garlic power... Oh no~.

This could quite possibly delay some of our releases. Zero No Tsukaima HQ Releases, would be the major thing delayed in all of this. So if you can encode into h264, put the file in a mkv container with selectable subs and font, bring some oregano, and meet us in the pantry.

Typesetter... We just need them in general.


Edit: Zero No Tsukaima S2 04 is out... Xvid only. HQ will follow when we get a new encoder.

- Note: h264 is out

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Damn Black Cat =(.

So we made a boo-boo =(, we released episode 11 with two small errors, one being a timing error around 16mins, and the other being an editing error in that same area. In light of this find, we've created a V2 of the file, so people can have a quality release. We're extremely sorry for the inconvience.


Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Hmm... I wonder if a Black Cat will jump in our way as well.

So after a um... "Small" delay, we finally are pushing OverDrive out again =). The anime continues to deepen and get even more interesting. Have to be honest though, I really hope that this goes alot farther than 26 episodes... As the manga goes so much farther.

All of that a-side, Please enjoy our new releases. "Overdrive 9 - 11," available through torrent and it's on like 2-3 of our speedy bots, so stop by our irc channel for a bit.

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