Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Chaos in Happy Fansubbing Town!

We lost a typesetter and an encoder... We misplaced them when we were cleaning up the Pantry T.T.. Did we put them behind the parsely and rosemary? Or maybe behind the cumin and garlic power... Oh no~.

This could quite possibly delay some of our releases. Zero No Tsukaima HQ Releases, would be the major thing delayed in all of this. So if you can encode into h264, put the file in a mkv container with selectable subs and font, bring some oregano, and meet us in the pantry.

Typesetter... We just need them in general.


Edit: Zero No Tsukaima S2 04 is out... Xvid only. HQ will follow when we get a new encoder.

- Note: h264 is out