Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Want more subs?

Okay, with sparhawk in Ajax for a job interview, I find myself having a really hard time trying to hire on people. He's alot better at finding staff than me.. However the deal is... We need staff, like bad. The biggest problem with most people who watch our fansubs, is that they think it automatically requires Japanese Training or something... When that's so far off from the truth.
Now, We really really really, need staff. I will personally train people for positions, got alot of time? Got like little to no time? We'll train ya' and put ya' in a position that'll fit you personally. What's more, there are several people complaining about the speed, jump in this, help us get them out. Hell, you'll even get to watch your favorite subs ahead of the official releases, that enough should be a good reason for most to join.

If you're still doubtful, or are completely ready to be trained and jump into fansubbing, contact me.
Aim- TanteiKun02
Msn- Kazekun02@hotmail.com
Mirc: Kioku / Kazekun
Email: Tokifansubs@gmail.com

We need the help guys.