Thursday, August 23, 2007

Patience my furry friends.

All right, I've received a decent amount of replies to our newest post, and though I'm quite happy about this, i'm also a bit bogged down in real life and internet, so i'm doing my best to get everything setup, and get back to everyone who has applied.

I can still use a few more replies, as chances are good... Once people have the knowledge, or we're done subbing OverDrive, they'll leave. So please do not apply, if you're only in it for OD, as we're looking for serious future staff members. Not a temp fix.

One other note, please do not apply if you are currently residing in Australia, as there is just to much of a time barrier between me and some of you... With school in place, and most of our staff in North America, it makes it quite difficult to teach/train those in Australia, let alone get back to some of you.

Once again, please have a bit of patience, I will get back to all of you that apply.