Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Putting a little meat back on the burner.

"Do such pure women exist?
Is this the Japanese dream?
Cute, pure girls?
Do they exist? Are there any left?!
Are there any left for me?!
Don't tell me Hermes-chan was the last one!"

So, let's just say we had a pain with these two episodes. The main problem was that we lost our fonts =(. Though I was able to replace a decent amount of them, I found out a few were worth quite a penny, and weren't easy to obtain. So a few fonts have been replaced, including the dialogue... Though I used another version of the font, so it's still pretty much the same font.
Yes, we realize the opening karaoke has a few mistimings, though not all of them are real mistimings, but rather look like it, based on the effect we use. That said, we have someone who has offered to do a new karaoke up for us, and so we'll see how far he gets. *Honestly, most of you will never watch the opening song again ;p*

Anyways, Eps 2-3 are out, we're working on 4-8. And we're getting the scripts ready for 1-3+, so we can get out the high quality releases.

For now, enjoy. =)


Saturday, May 26, 2007

Small delay turned big *Yikes*

So this is turning out to be a nightmare. I finally got around to formatting the other night, and come to find out... My sound drivers weren't installed, and I deleted my huge font folder >.<... So sound drivers, pfft, that's an easy fix. *Or so I thought...* Come to find this computer hates me, and reboots everytime I try to install the drivers.

So I finally got some advice just now, to update my motherboard drivers first... So we'll see if I can't get this going soon.

Should you have any advice at all, please don't hesitate to make a comment, or even email us at


*Edit: Thanks to a good friend of mine, the problems are finally resolved. However, my fonts are still gone *sniff sniff* Anyways, once I can get a little bit of time, I'll update everyone on the progress of the releases, as well as get some of them out.*

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Small Delay.

So I managed to obtain a very nasty virus set... After many problems and attempts to solve this problem without a reformat, it seems inevitable. So with me having exams and now this, there will be a small delay on getting releases out, however I assure you, once this little ti-bit is cleared up, we'll get releases out promptly so everyone can see the newer episodes.


Sunday, May 20, 2007

First Release!

So, we made our very first release =).

Would just like to mention the reason this took so long was due to alot of mistranslations and inconsistencies from our first translator =(... She didn't do a very good job at all, and though we're greatful, she pretty much vanished right after the first episode. So we've done alot of work to take what little we were given and turn it into a lot.

Small error, nothing huge, <.< >.> We left a credit in, that was suppose to be omitted. "" Originally we were going to embark on a joint, but once it was determined that we had different ideals for this anime, we decided to just not do it. However, after encoding this a decent amount of times *Cursed when it comes to encoding* I've decided to do as the beatles say and just "let it be."

Quite obviously, we're currently looking for staff and joints :o (Sorry the joints we're looking for are for other anime shows at this point, and not OverDrive). Especially for the new Sousei No Aquarion OAV, however we lack that essential thing that makes the ball roll.

So staff would be nice =). We're poor and stinky, and you could call us hippies with a lot of heart. So for now we'll use a blog, when we get a donation thing up, and saying it works, we'll move to a more permanent hosting/website provider.

Enjoy our bot and our release!