Saturday, May 26, 2007

Small delay turned big *Yikes*

So this is turning out to be a nightmare. I finally got around to formatting the other night, and come to find out... My sound drivers weren't installed, and I deleted my huge font folder >.<... So sound drivers, pfft, that's an easy fix. *Or so I thought...* Come to find this computer hates me, and reboots everytime I try to install the drivers.

So I finally got some advice just now, to update my motherboard drivers first... So we'll see if I can't get this going soon.

Should you have any advice at all, please don't hesitate to make a comment, or even email us at


*Edit: Thanks to a good friend of mine, the problems are finally resolved. However, my fonts are still gone *sniff sniff* Anyways, once I can get a little bit of time, I'll update everyone on the progress of the releases, as well as get some of them out.*