Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Putting a little meat back on the burner.

"Do such pure women exist?
Is this the Japanese dream?
Cute, pure girls?
Do they exist? Are there any left?!
Are there any left for me?!
Don't tell me Hermes-chan was the last one!"

So, let's just say we had a pain with these two episodes. The main problem was that we lost our fonts =(. Though I was able to replace a decent amount of them, I found out a few were worth quite a penny, and weren't easy to obtain. So a few fonts have been replaced, including the dialogue... Though I used another version of the font, so it's still pretty much the same font.
Yes, we realize the opening karaoke has a few mistimings, though not all of them are real mistimings, but rather look like it, based on the effect we use. That said, we have someone who has offered to do a new karaoke up for us, and so we'll see how far he gets. *Honestly, most of you will never watch the opening song again ;p*

Anyways, Eps 2-3 are out, we're working on 4-8. And we're getting the scripts ready for 1-3+, so we can get out the high quality releases.

For now, enjoy. =)