Sunday, May 20, 2007

First Release!

So, we made our very first release =).

Would just like to mention the reason this took so long was due to alot of mistranslations and inconsistencies from our first translator =(... She didn't do a very good job at all, and though we're greatful, she pretty much vanished right after the first episode. So we've done alot of work to take what little we were given and turn it into a lot.

Small error, nothing huge, <.< >.> We left a credit in, that was suppose to be omitted. "" Originally we were going to embark on a joint, but once it was determined that we had different ideals for this anime, we decided to just not do it. However, after encoding this a decent amount of times *Cursed when it comes to encoding* I've decided to do as the beatles say and just "let it be."

Quite obviously, we're currently looking for staff and joints :o (Sorry the joints we're looking for are for other anime shows at this point, and not OverDrive). Especially for the new Sousei No Aquarion OAV, however we lack that essential thing that makes the ball roll.

So staff would be nice =). We're poor and stinky, and you could call us hippies with a lot of heart. So for now we'll use a blog, when we get a donation thing up, and saying it works, we'll move to a more permanent hosting/website provider.

Enjoy our bot and our release!