Thursday, April 3, 2008


Ok so it seems I might have been wrong about it being a monitor problem... After speaking with Edward_K and noticing a few new things on my own, I'm told it might actually be a problem with my video card and not my monitor. This new revelation came to me last night when I found an old monitor in my basement and hooked it up to my computer and found out it was doing the exact same thing as my first monitor and what are the chances that the same thing could happen to 2 monitors? That and I started to notice that my computer would get to a certain point in booting up and then reset on itself, and that didn't sound like something my monitor would cause... Anyways, a half decent - Good NVidia Video card costs a lot less than a new monitor, so if that's the case it won't be as expensive for me to fix anymore and I might even be able to afford it on my own.