Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Searching for our Japanese Samurai.. Maybe he's Chinese?


So we're currently desperately looking for Translators right now. What's more, Translator Checkers would be lovely. The translators need to either be able to fluently speak Japanese and English, or be able to read Simp/Trad Chinese.

The animes we're looking to do are based on the ones coming out this summer in July.

That said, we're also in a huge need for other staff positions, many of which can be taught and would gladly be done (Saying you applied). So if you've ever considered fansubbing and have some time, either swing by our irc channel on rizon (#Toki-Fansubs@irc.rizon.net) or give us an email at Tokifansubs(at)gmail.com

Thanks so much,
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