Friday, October 26, 2007

Something creative...

Tada~ It was not to be found on our tracker, nor was it on our blog (yet). But then I noticed it in the channel: "Sketchbook 01 ( xvid@Fai #529, h264@Fai #530 )." I looked them up and then decided to put the link to the torrents here. (The other in our joint, Doremi does have them... <.<) So, as you can't find them on our tracker (yet). Click on the links on your right, or a bit below.

Ryu thought what could that be
what is it that I could first not see?
It was a joint he noticed early on
but no release had yet gone
Ryu's crappy English and rhyme will stop
A fresh new pair of torrents is what he will now drop!*

Sketchbook ~full color's~ 01 (XviD)
174MB @ 704 × 396
Sketchbook ~full color's~ 01 (h264)
HQ 233MB @ 1280 × 720

*I have to get this newspost interesting, don't I? Please don't sue me. =(

- Ryu

P.S. Is there someway to make lists expandable in the list on the right, or is there some widget in which you can make hyperlinks and make it expand? If you know something, please message me on our IRC-channel (Ryu\\Away or Ryunichi) or leave a memo.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Something clever and witty.

So we released episode 19, I don't really have much to say, other than... No one wanted OD19 bad enough to buy me a pizza from pizza hut =(. Was a little sad and hungry... Maybe asking for an oreo pizza as well, was too much?

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Mmmmm... Is he gonna win?

Well... IS he? Find out at Over Drive 18! Available on bots&torrent...

Over Drive 18

I'd like to say that we're a bit disappointed of how some people react to our speed on subbing. So for those people wondering: Please understand that we're not holding episodes for you. We simply release when they get done. When they get done, is not something we can speed up. Our staff does have lives of their own. When they can sub, they will! So you really don't have to ask when they're coming. The first moment we know when something is ready for release, it's just a matter of hours... We rather spend time on working on finishing an episode than on being distracted by people that ask for when something's released. So, keep that in mind and everyone's happy. ;P

Oh, and more release are really soon to come. Don't worry.. =)

- Ryu~

Friday, October 12, 2007

Who ate his apple?! Was it you Ryuuk oO?

Yo, okay, so we released Over Drive 17, but... =( The tracker seems to be having issues. So this is a channel only release, and can be downloaded off our bot (Shinozaki|Xevious). OverDrive 18+ will be following soon! So don't give up hope ;) Not yet atleast. For those wondering about Sketchbook as well as our other new fall anime, they will be released.... Soon. Sketchbook is getting into the last few stages for Episode 1, so we'll see a release soon! =)

EDIT: Seems like the CRC of OD17 is [87DC4864]
- Ryu