Thursday, July 26, 2007

Blowing people up is fun~

We've gotten Zero no Tsukaima 2 - Episode 3 for you, waiting to be watched. The h264 one will show up too as soon as we can get it for you. ^_^

Torrent [XviD]

Also on Shinozaki|Xevious:
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EDIT: Oh my, we released Overdrive 06v2, 07 and 08!
Overdrive 06v2 Torrent
Overdrive 07
Overdrive 08

Also all on Shinozaki|Xevious for 06v2,07,08:
/msg Shinozaki|Xevious xdcc send #11
/msg Shinozaki|Xevious xdcc send #12
/msg Shinozaki|Xevious xdcc send #13

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- Ryunichi

Monday, July 23, 2007

New! And it's not a release. =)

Hey folks, not a release this time.

We now also have forums! You can talk about our fansubs, the anime, give suggestions, whatever. You can also leave a post there if you'd like to join our team.

So get registered already and start posting! It needs to be filled up! :>

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Hmm.. Monarchy's are screwy.

Here's our version of Zero no Tsukaima 2, episode 2, xvid. The h264 version will also come very soon. ^_^

Also on the bot:
/msg Shinozaki|Xevious xdcc send #9

- Ryunichi

Edit - Kioku: A few people have been asking us to sub this series a bit faster, but due to the fact that the HDTV raw doesn't come out till tuesday, we have been holding off on encoding our releases. So as to insure that the best quality is used and presented for this anime. I hope you all will enjoy our quality and understand this small delay is to insure quality not speed.

Edit2: 07/20/07 14:30 -
As promised, here's the h264 version of ZnT2 - Episode 2. Please note that LankanPr1nc3 encoded this episode, not Kioku, as mentioned in the credits. Enjoy the lovely torturing of Gandalfr in high quality. =)
Torrent h264

And on Shinozaki|Xevious:
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Friday, July 13, 2007

Gandalfr has nothing on my engineering skills.

Well, no one wanted to update the topic. So I guess I am. We released Zero No Tsukaima Season 2: Knight of the Two Moons, besides this being one of my favorite animes, I have to say Season 2 looks really promising =). Hope everyone enjoys it, and will support us in this new race.


P.S: Small delay on OverDrive, hope to have alot more of it out soon =). As well as maybe 1-2 new anime series >.>... *Hint Hint*

7:24PM - 7/16/07
We also released the h264-AAC version of it, so you can all enjoy ZnT in high quality.


Sunday, July 8, 2007

Our Feet Got Stuck In The Chain!

All right, honestly.. I can't take it anymore, we need Typesetters, like yesterday. It's really frustrating to be our only typesetter and have like 4-5 projects to work on. So I don't care who it is, they just need to be experienced, speak fluent English, and have a decent font collection. We also really need Karaoke Timers... Really really bad T.T;


Please contact me by irc (#Toki-Fansubs@Rizon, Contact Kioku) or

Edit: Could use another timer too...