Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Hmm.. Monarchy's are screwy.

Here's our version of Zero no Tsukaima 2, episode 2, xvid. The h264 version will also come very soon. ^_^

Also on the bot:
/msg Shinozaki|Xevious xdcc send #9

- Ryunichi

Edit - Kioku: A few people have been asking us to sub this series a bit faster, but due to the fact that the HDTV raw doesn't come out till tuesday, we have been holding off on encoding our releases. So as to insure that the best quality is used and presented for this anime. I hope you all will enjoy our quality and understand this small delay is to insure quality not speed.

Edit2: 07/20/07 14:30 -
As promised, here's the h264 version of ZnT2 - Episode 2. Please note that LankanPr1nc3 encoded this episode, not Kioku, as mentioned in the credits. Enjoy the lovely torturing of Gandalfr in high quality. =)
Torrent h264

And on Shinozaki|Xevious:
/msg Shinozaki|Xevious xdcc send #10