Thursday, November 1, 2007

Writer's Block.

Well, hate to say it, but this isn't a new release post. This is a recruiting post =). We're currently in serious need of dedicated Editors, Quality Control, Translators and BT Seeders. =(.

Editors- Not a lot required, you must be able to download raws and edit the subtitles, (in notepad or aegisub doesn't really matter which) you will be expected to apply proper grammar and spelling to the subtitles.

Quality Control- Because things do slip through the cracks, basically you will be expected to download pre-releases as they pop up on our ftp, you will watch the pre-release, and note errors such as spelling, timing, audio, typesetting, karaoke, everything in general, that could be considered an error.

BT Seeders- Basically you get a release before everyone else, and when the torrent is up, you seed it, pretty simple, ne?

Translators: Saved the best for last, and hardest to find. Pretty simple, if you can translate Japanese to English, we need you for winter and spring series that are coming up. Since we have TLC, we wouldn't mind Chinese to English translators either.

If you are interested in helping out with our cause, please contact Kioku or Sparhawk on mirc. If you are unable to use mirc at this point, please give us an email at

Thanks in advance,