Thursday, September 6, 2007

Screw it.

All right, I'm really getting tired of this, people aren't looking at our website, and they're continually whining about OD releases. They're asking if we've dropped it, etc... Honestly, it's really annoying. Yeah, I realize, no releases, people are sad, life sucks, I know the stories.

Please, just stop asking.

That said, overdrive 12-14 have been pretty much ready for like... weeks now. So why haven't we released them? It's because episode 12 is gay as hell, and every time I encode it, it craps out on me, and gives me shitty quality. So I passed it to Kazuma_Yagami, and then he dissapeared -_-;. So I've passed it to Lankan, and he's working on it now, so we'll see.

When it's ready, it'll be released, simple as that.