Saturday, January 26, 2008

Over Drive Finished!

Hey, again I'm posting this a bit late, but you've probably noticed anyway: Over Drive's last 2 episodes have been released.

We've also batched all episodes up yesterday for your (and our) convenience.

As for this season, we won't be doing any new series due to a lack of (interested) translators. So, not like you know, but this is secretly a call for translators. =D

- Ryunichi~

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Lunar Games

So I meant to make mention of this last night but I forgot. I spent $120 buying both games off of ebay a couple weeks ago, and I doubt I'll regret it. Just wanted you guys to also know I wasn't really serious when I was asking for donations to help buy them. I mean I wouldn't turn those donations away, but they aren't needed. If you're going to donate I prefer you donate to the entire group and not just me.

That said I might not be here a lot right now as I've started to play the Lunar games and I have no idea how long that'll take or how absorbed I get.


OverDrive 24 - 26

So first of all Ryu's Haiku isn't bad, but you shouldn't use contractions in a haiku, cause they kinda screw up the syllables a bit...

Here's a Haiku I made back in High School based on a true story too:

A Woman spends years
Caring for her father's de-
composing body

Story behind that was a mentally challenged woman didn't realize that her father had died so she continued to care for him as if he was still alive for about 3 years before neighbors reported the smell to the police and that was when they found the woman's father's decomposing body.

And on a more serious note, as some of you have noticed OverDrive 24 is out, and as for 25 - 26 I'm hoping to get them both released at the same time or pretty close to it, this weekend.


Thursday, January 10, 2008

Overdrive 24

Ryu's First Haiku

I forgot to tell
There's Overdrive Twenty-Four
Go download it now

(@DDL, torrent & bots(?))

- Ryu