Saturday, February 9, 2008

New lay-out

I was getting bored with the skin and thought we needed something light! I generally prefer lay-outs based on black, but that was a no-go with the beautiful weather I've been having today.
Green for spring, white for the anti-dark feelings from the winter!
I hope you like it, leave comments on it on the forums.

As for releases; ZnT has been stalled due to QCers disappearing, idling and not doing a lot. Also we've had some problems with the ftp, making it hard to make progress at all. We are working on other stuff than ZnT, but it isn't anything from this season.

If you know a JP->EN translator, or if you are one yourself, stop by and help us! We're well staffed at anything, except for translators. As translator you may choose any anime really.

- Ryunichi