Sunday, September 16, 2007

Future OverDrive Releases.

Well, a lot of you, probably aren't liking the delays. Nor am I. That said, I've decided that I'm no longer going to delay the releases based on quality(Unless of course it's just really blocky and pixelated...*cough*14*cough*). But our raws, despite the fact they're 300-600mbs in size, and 1280*720, just aren't all that great. Truth be told, none of the Over Drive Raws really are all that good, hinting, that the source just sucks. That said, we may or may not do a DVD Release with these. Truthfully, who knows if once we reach episode 26, if we'll even like where the anime writers are going >.>... Only time will tell.

Edit: Overdrive 13-14 are out... Again remember the source quality sucks, sorry =\.

Edit2: Another one(Overdrive 15), as I don't want people to do their homework. Enjoy, and this is the last one for tonight.