Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Pedaling a bit harder.

Well, we just got episode 5 out, and it was a barrel of... Let's just say fun for the younger audiences =). Anyways, it's out, it's no longer sitting on my hard drive doing nothing, so watch it and stuff oO;.


P.S It's mostly on our bot, our seeders aren't really around so the bittorent file is a bit slow >.>; *Hint hint*

Edit: Episode 6 Is now out! Grab it while you can o.o!
Edit2: Oops, something slipped by in ep6 -__-, apparently the logo was mistimed, and bleeds into some of the karaoke... We'll be issuing a new v2 of the release, however not right at this point. My apologies for allowing that to slip.